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Lecture Video: What Makes Traitors Tick?

On Wednesday, February 5, 2014, David Charney, MD gave a lecture for the Smithsonian Associates at the International Spy Museum entitled, “What Makes Traitors Tick?” The lecture is based on his article, “True Psychology of the Insider Spy.”

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Inner Espionage: Grey Matter Does Matter

By John Irvin and Dr. David Charney [NOTE: An edited version of this article was published by POLITICO on 25 March 2014 under the title, “Stopping the Next Snowden: The problem isn’t that he could. It’s that he wanted to“ The story is often told of how, during the height of the US/Soviet space race,…

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jeffrey paul delisle

A Psychological Perfect Storm: The Jeffery Delisle Case, Part I

By John Irvin NOIR Team By all accounts, there’s nothing exceptional about former Canadian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Jeffery Delisle, certainly nothing that would suggest a future as a convicted insider spy. A high school friend described him as the “sort of person who just blended into the background.” [1]  If he was notable in high school for…

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David Charney on Fox News

Fox News “The Foxhole” interview with David Charney

Dr. David Charney, author of the white paper, NOIR: A White Paper – Proposing a New Policy for Improving National Security by Fixing the Problem of Insider Spies, was recently interviewed by James Rosen, host of the Fox News program, “The Foxhole.” The interview is about 30 minutes. Dr. Charney said this was the best interview…

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All Three NOIR White Papers Available in One Book and Different Formats

All three NOIR White Papers by Dr. David Charney are now available compiled in one book. You can choose from three different formats to read the entire series of white papers: in PDF, print or Kindle. This book includes: Part 1—True Psychology of the Insider Spy Part 2—Proposing a New Policy for Improving National Security…

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Half a Solution is Not a Solution

The one constant is the human mind, the way we think, which is ultimately the source of all acts of espionage.  By John Irvin A friend drove up in the classic 1960s sports car he has just purchased at considerable expense to both his personal finances and his marital relationship.  It was a genuinely beautiful…

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Sad fate of a man who decided to commit espionage

Arthur Walker, who was part of the Walker Spy Ring that got caught in 1985, recently died in jail at the age of 79. He was a month away from a parole hearing. Unlike the notorious members of the ring, spy ring master John Walker and Jerry Whitworth who passed damaging highly top secret information…

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Insider Spies and Terrorists: The Case for Disillusionment and Regret

By John Irvin NOIR Team On the face of it, insider espionage and terrorism would seem to have little in common.  The insider spy and his or her handler (traditionally, but not necessarily, a foreign intelligence service) strive to keep their activities as hidden as possible, while the definitive purpose of all terrorism is to…

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Technology is NOT Stopping the Next Snowden

by John A. Irvin Sometimes being able to say I told you so just isn’t that satisfying. Sometimes it’s downright depressing. An article by myself and Dr. David Charney appeared over two years ago in the 25 March, 2014 issue of POLITICO Magazine titled “Stopping the Next Snowden.” It argued that the US government’s tendency…

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Don’t Go Away Mad…Just Go Away

By John Irvin NOIR TEAM It would no doubt be like a dream for a 62-year-old former government employee, prolific author, and recognized environmental expert to live out his retirement years on a warm tropical island with a new bride. It would be like a nightmare to instead face a potential 50-year term in federal…

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Is Insider Espionage Passé?

Despite the use of increasingly advanced technical means, the deception, duplicity, and betrayal of espionage are a human problem that requires a human solution.  By John Irvin, NOIR Team In all, around 3.6 million individuals were impacted by two breaches of Office of Personnel Management (OPM) electronic databases, one announced in June 2015 and the second…

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