stanford prison experiment

NOIR and the Stanford Prison Experiment

By John Irvin, NOIR Team What does a controversial psychology experiment that took place over forty years ago regarding the causes of conflict between prisoners and prison guards have in common with Dr. David Charney’s proposal for the creation of a controversial new US government counterintelligence organization to reduce the threat of insider espionage?[1]  It…

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David Charney on Fox News

Fox News “The Foxhole” interview with David Charney

Dr. David Charney, author of the white paper, NOIR: A White Paper – Proposing a New Policy for Improving National Security by Fixing the Problem of Insider Spies, was recently interviewed by James Rosen, host of the Fox News program, “The Foxhole.” The interview is about 30 minutes. Dr. Charney said this was the best interview…

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Seeking A Way Out: The Jeffery Delisle Case, Part III

By John A. Irvin NOIR Team When the prison doors shut on insider spy and former Canadian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Jeffery Delisle, he left behind four children and a budding relationship with a woman who loved him. Delisle had a history of marital and financial problems that included declaring bankruptcy and discovering his wife’s adultery, which…

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Dr. Charney interviewed about NOIR in Psychology Today

Dr. David Charney, creator of the NOIR concept and author of  NOIR: True Psychology of the Insider Spy and Proposing a New Policy for Improving National Security by Fixing the Problem of Insider Spies, was recently interviewed by the magazine, “Psychology Today” about NOIR. – (Psychology Today, November 2014) . . . . Of course,…

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Half a Solution is Not a Solution

The one constant is the human mind, the way we think, which is ultimately the source of all acts of espionage.  By John Irvin A friend drove up in the classic 1960s sports car he has just purchased at considerable expense to both his personal finances and his marital relationship.  It was a genuinely beautiful…

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Ana Montes NOIR

The Ideological Spy: Ana Montes and the Havana Starbucks

By John Irvin, NOIR Team On 17 December, 2014, President Obama ordered restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba and the opening of a US embassy in Havana for the first time in more than 50 years. The announcement was met with both favorable and critical responses from a variety of interested parties. Of the many…

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Jeffrey Delisle GRU

“They Had a Photo of My Children”: The Jeffery Delisle Case, Part II

Background on Delisle spy case — By John Irvin  NOIR Team If it was former Canadian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Jeffery Delisle’s intention to free himself of the burden of his financial troubles and to take some decisive action to counter his sense of helplessness when faced with the collapse of his marriage, any relief he may have…

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Focus on the Person, not Technology

“The foundation of a counter-insider threat program needs to start with recognizing there is a person at the other end,” says Keith Lowry, former Chief of Staff to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Human Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Security at the Pentagon in this article on ZDNet: Fighting the person should be cybersecurity best practice When…

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jeffrey paul delisle

A Psychological Perfect Storm: The Jeffery Delisle Case, Part I

By John Irvin NOIR Team By all accounts, there’s nothing exceptional about former Canadian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Jeffery Delisle, certainly nothing that would suggest a future as a convicted insider spy. A high school friend described him as the “sort of person who just blended into the background.” [1]  If he was notable in high school for…

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Recruiting a Spy

New documentary shows the psychology behind recruiting a spy

(Newsweek/Jeff Stein) . . . Based on a best-selling memoir by Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a founder of Hamas, The Green Prince is an engrossing documentary on how Israel’s counterintelligence agency, Shin Bet, managed to turn him into a spy against his fellow Palestinians—and his own father. It opens with a re-enactment of…

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The Average Joe Accused of Trying to Sell Russia Secrets

The psychology of Gregory Allen Justice, a Boeing satellite engineer with a top secret security clearance passed over for promotion. This article appeared in the Daily Beast in August 2016: . . . . Among those satellites were sensitive military systems that Justice himself had worked on at Boeing for more than 15 years. Concealed in…

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Café NOIR: Bloch, Freud, and the City of Spies

By John Irvin, NOIR Staff One of the most desirable ancillary benefits of the proposals put forth by Dr. David Charney, MD, in NOIR: A White Paper (accessible in its entirety on this website), is the potential for at least partially solving the problem of the so-called “non-prosecutable spy.” This is the individual who is…

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