Compilation of all NOIR White Papers

Parts 1, 2 and 3

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NOIR White Paper Part 3

NOIR White Paper Part 3

Prevention: The Missing Link for Managing Insider Threat in the Intelligence Community

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NOIR White Paper

NOIR White Paper Part 1 & 2

True Psychology of the Insider Spy  |  Proposing a New Policy for Improving National Security by Fixing the Problem of Insider Spies

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NOIR for USA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and promote to the US Intelligence Community, policymakers and the public the NOIR concepts and ideas which are intended to improve our national security by fixing the problem of insider spies in an innovative way. Most Insider Threat management initiatives have been technology driven. While clever and useful up to a point, they are subject to the Law of Diminishing Returns and can backfire by creating a negative, distrustful workplace atmosphere. A well-motivated insider can defeat nearly any technology-based system. They will always find a way. By contrast, the NOIR proposal centers on the minds of potential or current insider threats: their psychologies, and their inner worlds. The battle must be won there. It’s time for something new: the proposed National Office for Intelligence Reconciliation (NOIR). Learn more

Factors for Reconciliation

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Rationales for NOIR Concept

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Benefits of NOIR Concept

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    Decisively stopping insider spying at much earlier stages


    Getting more timely and thorough Damage Assessments, our greatest need from insider spies


    Taking advantage of the cooperation of insider spies to work for us as doubled agents to feed disinformation, uncover other penetrations, etc



    Degrading spy-handler relationships of all adversary intelligence services, an advantage exclusive to our intelligence community, and our closest allies


    Bridging stovepipes within the intelligence community by sharing a community-wide resourc


    Redefining the shared meaning of insider spying so no one will want to cross that line


  • #1

    Weakening of Spy-Handler Relationships

  • #2

    Roll Up Spy Networks Becomes More Likely

  • #3

    NOIR Promotes Readiness to Reconcile

  • #4

    Morale Improvement for Intelligence Community Agencies

  • #5

    Insider Spy Productivity Decreases in Anticipation


  • #1

    Partially Solving the Problem of the Non-Prosecutable Spy

  • #2

    Getting Traction with Ideological, Ethnic, Religious or Psychopathic Spies

  • #3

    Smoothing the Outplacement Process When All Else Fails

  • #4

    Managing Difficult “Gray Zone” Personnel Problems

  • #5

    Creating an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) of Last Resort

Feedback about the NOIR Concept

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DIA Podcast on Ana Montes

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) just released a podcast focusing on the Anna Montes case and Dr. David Charney was interviewed for it. Montes was a senior DIA employee who for many years spied for Cuba. The podcast was very professionally done and worth a listen. This time Dr. Charney was paired up with Malcolm…

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AI versus The Mind in identifying insider threats

We recently received an email commenting on the use of AI/Machine Learning (AI/ML) to counter the insider threat. We’re sharing Dr. David Charney’s response as many have been interested in this topic: – You caught on to one of the biggest issues of the day, the push for adoption of AI/ML to just about everything…

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The Mole and Me

By David Charney This article first appeared on SpyTalk. I’m the psychiatrist who met with turncoat FBI agent Robert Hanssen for a whole year after he went to jail in 2001, sentenced to life for spying for the Russians. For years I’ve specialized in the psychology of so-called insider spies, alongside my day job as a psychiatrist…

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Netflix SPYCRAFT Episode: “Recruiting the Perfect Spy”

There is a new series on Netflix called “Spycraft”. Psychiatrist Dr. David Charney was interviewed in the episode, “Recruiting the Perfect Spy,” which talks about the motivations of four people who spied against the U.S. Watch the trailer and see all the epsiodes We’re delighted the producers show the NOIR White Papers when introducing Dr.…

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What Made Spy George Blake Tick?

By Dr. David Charney This article first appeared in Jeff Stein’s SpyTalk. What to make of George Blake, associated with the Cambridge Five, who died this week in Russia at the ripe old age of 98? Trying to understand the psychology of a mole is tougher than it first appears. The acronym MICE is bandied…

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Psychiatrist David Charney Explores the Psychology of the Insider Spy

Dr. David Charney’s medical school alumni magazine wrote a featured article about his work in the spring 2020 issue of Upstate Medical Alumni Journal: From Patriot to Traitor: Psychiatrist David Charney Explores the Psychology of the Insider Spy (pdf) . . . . According to Virginia-based psychiatrist David Charney, MD ’68, spies often decide to…

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“I am utterly amazed to find this espionage related website that accurately describes the true experiences of the spy. Reading the stages actually made me tremble as I recalled my own entry into the world of espionage and the inevitable consequences.”

—Jeffrey M. Carney, US Air Force intel specialist who spied for East Germany’s Ministry of State Security (MfS)


Read about the 10 Life Stages that a Spy goes through