All three NOIR White Papers by Dr. David Charney are now available compiled in one book. You can choose from three different formats to read the entire series of white papers: in PDF, print or Kindle. This book includes:

Part 1—True Psychology of the Insider Spy
Part 2—Proposing a New Policy for Improving National Security by Fixing the Problem of Insider Spies
Part 3—Prevention: The Missing Link for Managing Insider Threat in the Intelligence Community

It is available in three formats:

NOIR for USA is a 501(c)3 entity to educate the US Intelligence Community, other government components, including the Congress, the courts, responsible journalists, and the general public, about the NOIR concepts and proposals.

Dr. Charney and his colleagues at NOIR for USA would appreciate any comments, criticisms, or additional thoughts you may have about NOIR concepts and proposals.