DIA Podcast on Ana Montes

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) just released a podcast focusing on the Anna Montes case and Dr. David Charney was interviewed for it. Montes was a senior DIA employee who for many years spied for Cuba. The podcast was very professionally done and worth a listen. This time Dr. Charney was paired up with Malcolm…


The Mole and Me

By David Charney This article first appeared on SpyTalk. I’m the psychiatrist who met with turncoat FBI agent Robert Hanssen for a whole year after he went to jail in 2001, sentenced to life for spying for the Russians. For years I’ve specialized in the psychology of so-called insider spies, alongside my day job as a psychiatrist…


What Made Spy George Blake Tick?

By Dr. David Charney This article first appeared in Jeff Stein’s SpyTalk. What to make of George Blake, associated with the Cambridge Five, who died this week in Russia at the ripe old age of 98? Trying to understand the psychology of a mole is tougher than it first appears. The acronym MICE is bandied…


The Mind of a Spy

Journalist James Rosen recently produced an excellent piece called, “The Mind of a Spy,” and interviewed Dr. David Charney about Robert Hanssen, the thought process of someone who decides to spy, and the NOIR concept as a potential solution to preventing and stopping espionage. The show aired on Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.   Psychiatrist…


An Off-Ramp on the Road to Hell

By John Alan Irvin Proverbs are passed down over the centuries or millennia because we recognize that they contain a larger truth or a useful lesson. Circumstances change, but the proverbs stay relevant. That’s because they speak to our human nature, which hasn’t changed. As unique as we may be as individuals, as humans we’re…


Can Computers and Algorithms Catch A Spy?

Identifying and catching CIA officer Aldrich Ames, who was spying for Russian intelligence, is looked at in-depth in this excellent NPR documentary. Many of those involved in the counterintelligence aspect of the case are interviewed. Discussed is whether technology can help catch a spy. Dr. David Charney is interviewed for this program, beginning at 36:00.

The Spy of Raspberry Falls

Kevin Mallory’s hatred was never for his country. It was only for himself, said Dr. David Charney in a BBC Radio documentary about this spy who worked for the CIA and spied for China. – From the BBC: Kevin Mallory lived a double life – he helped people on his street with yard work, went…