Life Stages of Spy - Stage One

Stage One: The Sensitizing Stage

Growing up is not easy for most of us. We all face less than optimal experiences along the way, such as a harsh or absent father, a critical or moody mother, mean siblings, academic troubles, health problems, and love relationships that end hurtfully.

While these negative experiences may scar and sensitize us, they do not necessarily damage us forever or predict for certain later failure.

In fact, they may plant an abiding drive for surmounting adversity, or an ambition to fix life’s inequities and set the world right, or they may light a fire in the belly for proving that we are actually smart, competent, and successful—no matter what others may have thought of us.

If having gone through a tough childhood reliably ruined chances for later achievement in life, and also predicted a likely turn towards insider spying, perhaps the vast majority of the entire intelligence, law enforcement and defense communities would have to be let go.

Clearly, this makes no sense. While experiences can be truly hurtful and sensitizing, much more must happen later to tip the scales towards a decision to spy.

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