Cindy Kwitchoff

Cindy KwitchoffCindy Kwitchoff served in the CIA as Security Officer. A year after Aldrich Ames was arrested as a spy, she became the Program Manager of an Agency-wide counterintelligence awareness and training program in the Counterintelligence Center.

Its goal was to  to raise counterintelligence awareness throughout the CIA to a more sophisticated level and to change cultural attitudes for more buy-in and support of counterintelligence. 

The multi-faceted program created by Kwitchoff included the following new initiatives: Advanced graduate-level counterintelligence training courses; 70+ episodes of a video series called CI-TV; a news and information website called CI Online; a video documentary called “To Catch a Spy: The Investigation Leading to the Arrest of Aldrich Ames;” CI and security video commercials for CI-TV; a series of presentations and seminars in the CIA auditorium; a CI and security survey of attitudes and awareness; and advertising and marketing all of the above throughout the Agency.

Through these initiatives, the CIA became a leader in the Intelligence Community in the area of counterintelligence awareness training.

Kwitchoff later joined a government contractor training company called the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies (CI Centre) where she was the Director of Production. Her duties there included being the graphic and print designer, website manager, researcher, photographer, videographer and company security officer. Kwitchoff created, conducted research and maintained the popular website.

Cindy Kwitchoff is now a freelance designer/creative consultant offering graphic/print design and marketing, websites/social media, video and photography, and more.

Her website is CJKCREATIVE.COM.