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Insider Spies and Terrorists: The Case for Disillusionment and Regret

By John Irvin NOIR Team On the face of it, insider espionage and terrorism would seem to have little in common.  The insider spy and his or her handler (traditionally, but not necessarily, a foreign intelligence service) strive to keep their activities as hidden as possible, while the definitive purpose of all terrorism is to…

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LECTURE – Insider Spies: New Ideas to Counter the Threat

Dr. David Charney will be giving a lecture about his new NOIR White Paper, Prevention: The Missing Link for Managing Insider Threat in the Intelligence Community, at the Institute of World Politics graduate school in Washington, DC on Friday, February 8, 2019 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Dr. Charney’s lecture, “Insider Spies: New Ideas…

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Focus on the Person, not Technology

“The foundation of a counter-insider threat program needs to start with recognizing there is a person at the other end,” says Keith Lowry, former Chief of Staff to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Human Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Security at the Pentagon in this article on ZDNet: Fighting the person should be cybersecurity best practice When…

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Why Benedict Arnold Turned Traitor Against the American Revolution

The psychology of Benedict Arnold. This article appeared in the May 2016 Smithsonian magazine: He was short, solidly built (one acquaintance remembered that “there wasn’t any wasted timber in him”) and blessed with almost superhuman energy and endurance. He was handsome and charismatic, with black hair, gray eyes and an aquiline nose, and he carried himself with the…

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The Average Joe Accused of Trying to Sell Russia Secrets

The psychology of Gregory Allen Justice, a Boeing satellite engineer with a top secret security clearance passed over for promotion. This article appeared in the Daily Beast in August 2016: . . . . Among those satellites were sensitive military systems that Justice himself had worked on at Boeing for more than 15 years. Concealed in…

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All Three NOIR White Papers Available in One Book and Different Formats

All three NOIR White Papers by Dr. David Charney are now available compiled in one book. You can choose from three different formats to read the entire series of white papers: in PDF, print or Kindle. This book includes: Part 1—True Psychology of the Insider Spy Part 2—Proposing a New Policy for Improving National Security…

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NOIR Featured in European Counterintelligence Journal

The following article by John Irvin appeared under the title NOIR: Neue Strategien zur Erkennung von Insiderspionen in Vol.10, Nr.1/2016 of the Journal for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies [JIPSS], published by the Austrian Center for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies [ACIPSS].[1]   ACIPSS was founded at the University of Graz, Austria, in 2004, “in order…

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Intelligence Matters Podcast: What Leads People to Spy

Michael Morell, former acting Director of the CIA, interviewed Dr. David Charney on the CBS News Radio podcast “Intelligence Matters” on what drives people to commit espionage. Listen on iTunes or here: This episode will post Wednesday. All will find it fascinating. From a man who has interviewed, extensively, real world spies, including Robert Hansen. If…

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jeffrey paul delisle

A Psychological Perfect Storm: The Jeffery Delisle Case, Part I

By John Irvin NOIR Team By all accounts, there’s nothing exceptional about former Canadian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Jeffery Delisle, certainly nothing that would suggest a future as a convicted insider spy. A high school friend described him as the “sort of person who just blended into the background.” [1]  If he was notable in high school for…

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Inner Espionage: Grey Matter Does Matter

By John Irvin and Dr. David Charney [NOTE: An edited version of this article was published by POLITICO on 25 March 2014 under the title, “Stopping the Next Snowden: The problem isn’t that he could. It’s that he wanted to“ The story is often told of how, during the height of the US/Soviet space race,…

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